My name is Miguel Elipe. I have a degree in law but for more than 20 years I have dedicated my professional life to the world of communication. I have been employed in PR agencies and have held the position of in house PR and marketing director for a large company. 5 years ago I decided to offer my services as a freelance consultant and writer to companies and organizations.

My experience has allowed me to bring together my vocation, my skills and my passion to offer a professional journalistic service which can best be described as a tailor who sews words together to produce tailor-made texts which cover each clients’ needs.

+34 615 26 92 85

+34 615 26 92 85



Writing and adapting your needs to communicate to the Spanish market, considering your target audience and using the correct language to get the message across.

Corporate writing: presentations, strategies, corporate dossiers, newsletters

Advertising materials: catalogues, brochures, flyers….

Media: press releases, press dossiers, interviews, feature articles…

Creativity: creation of ideas and content.

Creative adaptation: English to Spanish.

Content for web pages.

Text correction

Tailor needs: letters, speeches, biographies.

...or any other idea that may come from your imagination or mine.



Using humour in communication may have an extremely positive effect on your audience in order to soften the differences amongst working teams, to make them connect, to reinforce messages, to motivate…

  • A compilation of some of the most hilarious anecdotes related to your customer services department.
  • An internal communication or speech filled with humour.
  • A feature article about one of those funny topics at work that most people can relate to.
  • A manual of some of the most hidden hobbies or abilities of your team.

If you wish to communicate with a different style, it will be my pleasure to help you.